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They told me that they had not testied it thoroughly yet and that I should check the forums and see what other users have discovered.


I was working with another user recently and we ended up having to reinstall his toolbar files because those were somehow deleted or corrupted  during the upgrade.

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How long do you think it would be prudent to wait before upgrading the Mac OS to El Capitan? Things are working fine on Maverick and hate to rock the boat as far as CA goes.


10.10 Yosimite is ok with me since it came out. no problems. and faster than 10.9


i would like to jump into E|Captn too.


who'll be the first :)

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I just completed the upgrade to El Capitan, OS X 10.11

CA works fine.   I was able to open a file that I just finished in OS X 10.10 

I don't notice a difference in speed.  My Library was the same and so was my tool bar.

This is a Mac Pro tower, early 2009, dual quad core wing 16gb RAM.  It has four internal HDD.  One is solid state for the OS and three  are 2TB hard drives for storage.

I upgraded the video card last year to NVIDIA GTX 680 with 2mb dram

Besides a complete backup, the first thing I did was update the driver for my Wacom Intuous 5 tablet.

The install got scary when it rebooted and stayed on a blank white screen,  I waited 15 minutes and forced a shutdown and boot.

Everything went well after that.  After installation, the video driver was updated and so was Java.

Bootcamp and Windows 7 works normally. 

I also have dual monitors, I haven't noticed any problems so far but it's only been an hour.

 I'm going to backup again now.

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I downloaded it last week.  I have been working in 2 separate files this morning and both have frozen on me to where I can't even do a force quite but have to turn the power off.  It has happened when sending a layout to print, a layout to PDF,  in a different program when in layout and plan working in changes to an elevation.  So today, it has frozen on me 4-5 times.  I do not get the option to do an error report because I have to turn off my computer.

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