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  1. Yes thanks. I got a tutor to teach me how. Mission accomplished! Thanks.
  2. Yes I read that and tried but still no luck.
  3. So I have generally just used things right out of the box but in the current project there five different types of 4" cans and four types of 6" cans and two different colors of indirect lights. Im not concerned about how they render but I do need them to be larger and cleaner than the ones in Chief. The 3D symbols can be the same as the ones in CA. I have followed the tutorial as best I can but something isn't working right. Can you point me to a video or to someone I can pay to make these? I need them today. I have spent two hours trying to figure this out and keep hitting a wall.
  4. Thank you for your reply Joey. Appreciate it.
  5. Thanks very much. That did the trick. Saved me a lot of time.
  6. I have 61 windows in an existing plan and based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of selected windows, I need to change the rough opening sizes. All of the windows are currently expressing the 1/2" per side default and I need to change all to 1/4" per side. Is there a way to do that without opening each window individually? Thanks!
  7. Okay, just to try something, I turned off all fixtures and furniture and it exported fine.
  8. Trying to export a file to be rendered and getting this error. 3DS Export Error: K-15160 C exceeds vertex limit of: 65535. I check earlier discussions and I don't believe I have any Kohler toilets so I am not sure what to check next. Any suggestions
  9. I recently upgraded to X9 and am working on my first window and door schedules. For some reason the label is including the size of the window as well on the schedule under "label" category. There does not seem to be a way to have just the callout in that column. Only width/height or height/width or width only. It makes the schedule confusing. Any tips on how have only the callout show in that column?
  10. That could work David. I will give it a go. Thank you!
  11. When half walls meet (in this case for a parapet, if the walls are of different heights, there is a gap in the cladding material. But not always. Note how it doesn't happen to the left of the front porch. How do you get around that issue? Thanks!
  12. When I generate and elevation to send to the layout page in X8 the image is not as clear as it was in X7. I used to use the Technical Illustration view but now this option (as well as vector) is almost pixelated. Is there a setting that I need to change to get the elevations to be crisp again? I haven't changed any of the default settings.
  13. Thanks! I just went to do that and the intermediate class is full and the advance class isn't there anymore. I'm pretty aggravated about the way this training is handled. It took way too long to get a response from them initially, they sent along a survey to determine ability (after my second request) then didn't reply with a suggestion until I have contacted three more times. Now the class is full and the other option doesn't exist. Considering how great the tech support guys have been over the years I am really surprised at how badly this has been handled. Needless to say, no training again for now.
  14. I have been using Chief since it came in a little box with a porch on the front about the size of a VHS tape but I know that it has capabilities far beyond those which I am using. I wanted to find out if I should take the intermediate class or perhaps even the beginner class. Unfortunately by the time I got a response back from the training department the intermediate class was full. Have any of you taken these classes? Will I be in too deep if I take the advanced class? I have attached a plan set that pretty much shows my abilities. And just for fun a couple shots of the house currently under construction. We do design/build/interiors/logistics. Brookshire Royal-Layout.pdf
  15. There are crazy things that happen with the drawings that I used to be able to edit away. For instance, on a very simple stucco cabana that I am working on now, when I removed the sills on the openings, all the parapet wall junctions at the top of the exterior walls reappeared on the 6 exterior elevations. The only way to get them to go away was to break each corner and then rejoin them on the 2nd level (floor) where the parapets are located. These quirks I used to be able to fix quickly but not now. Additionally the line quality of the print as pdf isn't nearly as good as it was on X7 unless there is some sort of setting that I can't find. The exported vector views are not what they used to be and I have no idea why.
  16. So in X7 I used to be able to edit elevations on the layout pages with the layout edit tool (which may actually be called something else). I am talking about the button to the right of the "edit page information" button. Has this function gone away or does it now require added steps? For instance if I want to manually delete some of the shelves to show an option rather than creating a fully modified cabinet module, i used to just delete the lines with the tool. Any ideas?
  17. Thanks Perry! That was exactly what I needed. It is a LONG wall with a lot of doors etc and I really hated to rebuild.
  18. Is there a way to "un-hatch" a wall after using the build>wall>hatchwall tool other than undo? Seems like there used to be a very easy way to do it but I can't remember. 2016? Time marches on. Thanks!
  19. Upgraded as well and no problems. I have been running it for about a week on the laptop so I think it's safe to go ahead and upgrade the desktop as well. Thanks guys!
  20. How long do you think it would be prudent to wait before upgrading the Mac OS to El Capitan? Things are working fine on Maverick and hate to rock the boat as far as CA goes.
  21. Sounds like a nice set up. We are an all Apple household though with 5 computers and 9 iPads and all of them talking together so we are pretty much locked in at this point. But sometimes I do yearn for the days with three tv channels and a single rotary telephone in the hall.
  22. Thanks. I will go for it then. Much appreciated.