Roof Shingles Not Covering Sheathing


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While rotating my overview, the shingles become transparent or disappear.  How do I stop this from happening?  I did try to increase the surface thickness, but that doesn't seem to help.   Stumped


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On 6/9/2015 at 7:54 AM, brushpark said:

Yes, I believe the z-fighting was the issue. Thanks for the link, I made my terrain smaller and deleted a copied building that I moved to the side.

All good now!



You should be able to have a couple of buildings on a site without this issue.  Even though it solved it for you for now, do check how far you are from X=0 and Y=0 (as Michael said).  This is the #1 reason for Z fighting.  We regularly do 50 lot subdivisions without this issue.


You end up 8 gazillion miles from 0,0 if you import from a surveyor and use that as your start.  If you've already done CD's, moving your building won't make sense.  But if you haven't, if you use Edit Area, All Floors you can move your house to a reasonable distance from 0,0 - and then you should be able to do everything you want without this issue.


If you're not super far from 0,0 and still have this, contact tech support.  We saw a guy with issues at the User Group, and it was his video card.  You absolutely should be able to have a subdivision size terrain and other houses.


Oops - just realized advise way way way way late.  Searched "roof" to see what I could answer, didn't read dates!  ;-)

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just realized from 2015!!!
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