Grass reflections on interior walls?

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Is there a simple way to eliminate the "green" grass reflections from the exterior unto interior surfaces when using PBR. What I usually do now is to turn off the terrain layer? I don't use PBR much and it seems almost every time I do I run into this problem. There must be a simple solution to this problem.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 131125.jpg

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23 hours ago, Larry_Sweeney said:

There must be a simple solution to this problem

It's your very green and shiny background with that horrible out of the box grass.


Experiment with different backgrounds.  


Try the "Cloudy Sunset" from the Chief Bonus catalogue just to see the effect.  


With a dark background like that one you get a lot less interference with light bouncing around on the inside.


If it's too dark on the inside you can increase exposure and light intensity.


It's always easier to increase brightness than to darken an over lit scene.



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