Roof is screwed up after ceiling height changes


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this forum is aimed at the users of Chief Premier


you will find better advice for HD products on the Hometalk forum


since HD Suite doesn't have manual roof tools (only HD PRO does)

your only option is to try to set the wall definitions properly for the auto-roof gen


since you already had the roof correctly you must have a setting or so off now


David Potter may be able to assist you as he has almost all the HD titles for many versions back



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I have stated many times that HD PRO is a mis-nomer


while it is quite capable since it does have manual tools


it leads users to think the can run a business

if it is a "tiny" business then maybe


however, it encourages them to hope for the best when they should be

trying Chief Premier if they are serious about being in business


CA is cutting into Premier sales


instead HD PRO should be named master or delxuxe or....


the other HD titles are aimed at light DIY users who are "playing" around



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