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I had my keynotes in my electrical notes schedule looking just fine.


Then in my haste I did something that screwed it up and I can't figure out what.  The keynotes now look tiny.  Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks again, Jim



Used to / should look like this:




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1 hour ago, tundra_dweller said:

Try changing the callout layer in the schedule spec.


Thanks Brett.  I tried that, but it unfortunately did not work.


What's weird is I opened up 3-4 other older projects where the electrical schedule was "correct."  My plan was to copy and paste the Cad Detail schedule over.


Strangely, they all now show the compressed keynote size.  But, all the other schedules like "construction notes" look fine.


I closed and reopened Chief thinking it is a glitch, but that did not help.  Or, maybe I changed some sort of global preference?  I'm at a loss.


I've attached the plan file.  The "problem child " is "electrical notes" under cad details if anyone is willing to take a look.


Thanks again for the help,



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  • Solution

It took me a minute to figure out what was different from your electrical notes and your construction notes, but eventually I got it. 


The problem is the text style that is being used when the program is drawing the notes in the schedule on the cad detail.


You can solve that by doing one of these:

 - Open up all of your electrical notes and change the text style to "use text style" and then "1/4 text style".  Currently, you have them set to use the layer for the text style.

 - Or, open up the layers dialog for the cad detail, and change the "text, electrical" layer from "1 text style" to "1/4 text style".


Either one of these should fix the problem, but the first one will match the construction schedule and the second one is less work.


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