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Whoa - GREAT stuff, here!!!


I'm a (semi-) retired architect and after 40 years of doing major hospitals all over New England and the rest of the States, I'm starting to do houses, additions, and renovations in my little corner of western Massachusetts and Connecticut.


JUST got Chief Architect after spending a couple of years working with SketchUp (a lot of fun, but not so great for working drawings - a couple of sketches from last year attached) and am thrilled by CA and your add-ons - hope to be in a position to buy a bunch of your stuff soon!


Tim McKenna

Aerial 1.jpg

Aerial Section Through Spiral Stair.jpg

Cardello photo model2aerial.jpg

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10 minutes ago, TGMcKenna said:

JUST got Chief Architect

Welcome to Chief! 
I can only imagine that you are having a blast right now getting to know the software. :)
I offer a ton of free resources on my site as well as the symbols and content thread, make sure to grab all of that stuff, its great stuff, and hey, THANK you!

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Guys if you haven't picked this tool up from Rene, you are missing out.  Cabinets are such a powerful tool in Chief if you know how to get it to do what you want.  This tool makes it so simple to create not only open shelves, but also closed box cabinet shelves like bookcases, china cabinets, hutches and so much more.  I just got it today and have found so many ways to use these tools to create things that used to take forever manually placing books and other items on shelves in elevation and plan view.  There is a wide variety of shelf items in the library, and it is really just a click of a mouse to place them.  Very efficient.  Thanks, Rene!

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I'm so impressed with Rabbit Design's tool sets!   They really are essential!  I've already purchased the Kitchen Tools, Shelf Tools, Window Tools, and 3D Render Export tools.  I've not even touch the surface of what this tool set can do, and I'm already impressed!   I strongly suggest you pick up all the tools you can!  They are well worth it.   Pick up one, two, or all!  Show Rene some love!  He's put his heart and soul into this stuff.   Not to mention, he shares so much with the community and on youtube!  Chief has Rene to thank for my recent upgrade to X14.  I'm now a life time Chief user!  I've made the commitment.

Keep 'M Coming Rene!   We need a Rabbit Cabinet Door Wizard tool set next!  A Rabbit set of custom doors symbols would be amazing.  (hint).  


PS:  Used your wine cooler tool just today!  Cool.   ONe click wine cooler.  Loved it!  


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Thank you very much to the people commenting here. I love hearing that people are loving the tools and I really love seeing photos of your projects @Steve_Matlaga
For those that purchased the Pro Plan Template, please check your inbox, an update went out today with a few fixes and 6  new Slab-on-grade details that use the macro quick designation system

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      Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could help with some issues Im having with importing 3d symbols - I am trying to import some SKP files into chief (decor, people etc) and while some are coming in fine others are coming in with no texture/materials or the materials are not applied correctly (eg a symbol of a person the texture is placed wrong) - if someone could help me out with how to "lock" the material that would be super helpful. Thanks 
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