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Going to try this again, didn't get an actual answer earlier.


I want to start selling stock plans online and all the sites I've viewed have plans that look like the attached picture.  They're very simplified and have solid walls so they're easy to understand for customers who don't know how to read plans.


I haven't found a way to accomplish this same look in CA.  Is there another program that creates these simpler plans? 


Apart from creating a custom layer set (which still doesn't look like the picture) I haven't figured out how others are doing it. 


Anybody out there know how they're getting that result?


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Copy your wall types so you can change back for Construction Docs but edit the wall type and change the fill types to black.


Kitchen Cabinets fill style can be edited in the dbx.


Fixtures may need a new CAD block created with a grey fill, only needs to be done once then can be saved in the Library

Shortland - Marketing Material 11-02-14.pdf

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MattyT12 that's what I was afraid of lol!  That's going to take fooreeevvveeer.  I'm going try and figure out something with layer sets, save it as a template and then I can do that instantly with every plan from then on.  Probably won't work but we'll see.  Thanks for also including the cabinet/fixture work around, hadn't got to that point yet. 


Anyone else have another way?

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It is accomplished with layer sets. These are for a project I sell online. Took about 2 mins to create a layer set called "Marketing" and send it to a 8.5"x11" layout page. You are over thinking it. I use this dark gray fill in my construction documents, so there is no need to mess with that at all.




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You can also do this using the wall hatch tool.  I think it is easier then changing the wall type because then you can control everything with layers. 


Just place wall hatches on all walls.  You can marquee select them all while in hatch tool mode.  Change the fill style to solid and what ever color you want.  Then turn off the layer for "walls, layers.". 


If you want to make your life easier, just set up a new layer set with the wall hatching on and wall layers off to switch between presentation floor plan and construction drawings.

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