How Does The Soft Ware Calculate These Dimensions?


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This is related to my issues with building the roof on this house. Trying to get the geometry correct, going back and making sure all the room heights are correctly set, I notice the dimensions in the Structure tab are a little confusing. It seems if I set the finished floor height, I know what the floor to floor heights needs to be, I enter the required finished ceiling height but the software calculation for the absolute elevations don't make any sense.

Example, on the summer house I had to add to this plan (which has caused all the dimensions of the big house to change) the as-built finished ceiling height (of the summer house) is 104 1/2", the floor to floor is 118 1/2" which means the lam joist dimension including the sub floor and tile is approx 14" But according to the attached screen capture I did of the room dbx the Ceiling B and A and floor C are confusing and TO ME they don't correlate with the "known" dimensions.


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I think in this case, none of the settings are Defaults because it is part of the plan with different floor levels and ceiling heights from the main structure which is using the defaults.

That's correct Glenn. I wish I didn't have to add the summer house, since adding it has all but completely UNDONE what progress I had made on the lake house. Now I have to address those issues and I have a progress set dead line next Tuesday!

I have NO CHOICE but to keep plugging away (looks like the entire weekend and probably Monday too)!

1.17.2015 Exp 2 plan updated with foundation

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You would be foolish to ignore this offer.

I would NEVER be that foolish!

I've gone and got the head set, and set up a Skype account and configured/tested it all, and now ready. I just wish there wasn't 17 hours time difference between He and I!

I am continuing to work on what I can, I JUST CAN'T sit on my THUMBS with the first dead-line staring me in the face!

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