A Little Help With Fixing Walls Under My Stairs


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I added a bath under the basement stairs per the tutorial for Creating room under stairs.  After adding the walls to enclose the room, I have an issue with part of the walls for some reason protruding through. I have tried adjusting them back but the only way to get rid of them is delete them, and that's def not what I want to do.

Suggestions appreciated.




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ERIC, I know you aren't being SARCASTIC. You may not be aware of the HOURS I spent trying to find the problem. I deleted the stairs, time and again and redraw PER


and http://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00756/160/Chief-Architect/Stairs/Creating-a-Landing-Between-Two-Sets-of-Stairs.html and



FACT IS, I hated asking for help at all on something that should be so simple, FOR FOLKS LIKE YOU; however, I have  a dead-line and keep working, and all the rest of the (FREE) time do the KB, the video's etc. I HATE feeling like a FOOL, but IF I KNEW what to do to FIX the stairs FIRST, I would!

The issue didn't appear until the client decided they wanted to add the bath under the stair.

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I agree with Eric,  something is wrong with your stairs.


How do think somebody can help you if you do not post the plan.  What is your problem?  You are asking for somebodies help,  the least you can do is post the  plan so somebody can help.  


He is not being sarcastic and neither am I.  Don't you realize that if you had posted the plan yesterday,  the problem would of been solved by now?

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This is tricky and without the Plan I don't think anyone can be much help.  The issues are room heights and wall heights among other things.  Chief's video tutorials don't cover all the permutations and your situation involves walls that cross the boundary between 2 stair runs.  Post the Plan as Eric and Scott suggest so we can help.

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The basic problem is that your walls cross between the 2 stair sections.  If you can make them stay totally below the entire stair (section 1, landing, section 2) the problem should go away.  This may require editing some of the walls (make specific parts invisible for example) so that your plan looks right.

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Happy New Year Bob.

I too feel like a village idiot with my many questions but I refuse to quit.

The video's I've seen do leave out things that are slightly different than the situation at hand.


Sometimes it can be a little error that is unseen so having a plan file gives these guys a chance to investigate.


From the picture in plan view I see some suspicious areas. No telling if any of them can be causing the problem & I don't have time to do more investigating now.

Not that I would be of any real help as I enter month 4 with this software.


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Bob -- The stairs don't fit the space you have allocated side to side. They have different tread depths etc.


Why would you spend time on a problem that is directly below, and surely related to the configuration of the stairs, when the stairs need to be fixed?


Codes, the floor plan, and need to place a bathroom (where is the sink?) under the landing will dictate the stair configuration.


I know you understand how interrelated all the pieces in the model are, and how changing one thing sometimes has unintended effects elsewhere.


What I am getting at is; how you ultimately solve this problem will depend on the stairs.


Wish I could help.

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