Access to Chief's Built-in "Global" macros


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I recently discovered a way in X13 to gain access to almost all of Chief's built-in "Global" macros.  I believe the only exceptions are %wall.top_elevation% and %wall.bottom_elevation%. 


Email me at and I'll send you the system for $25.00.  You'll need to decide how and where exactly to use all the various values yourself, but all you have to do is drop a library object into your desired view and fully accessible global variables are automatically set to correspond with each of the following global macros:


































The values can be parsed using Ruby just like any other name:value pair.  Any item we already have access to one way or another was intentionally excluded. 


Again, the system is $25.00 and includes a custom library object along with some simple instructions.  My email address is and my PayPal link is


Either send me a payment along with an email address or send me an email and I’ll send over a payment request.  

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On 11/16/2021 at 4:47 PM, Alaskan_Son said:

I believe the only exceptions are %wall.top_elevation% and %wall.bottom_elevation%. 


Just a side note, but I've also found a way to access %wall.top_elevation% and %wall.bottom_elevation%.  These 2 values can only be accessed using notes and a note schedule though.   

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