Column at top of Stairs


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Not sure if you drew the beam manually or not but that could be an issue.


Otherwise break the railing with a room divider wall segment and change the section at the top of the stair and left side to Rail to Post.





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1 hour ago, payettedesigns said:

I ran into this before beside manually placing columns is there a way to get rid of column on left that automatically inserts into opening of stair. I solved this in the past but cannot remember how, having a major brain fart.


Chief places a Newel ( column) where-ever the Railing is broken in some cases you can set the AutoStart End setting to none for the end,

but is also looks like you played with the Doorway at the top of the stair that Chief uses to make an opening in the railing as nothing lines up.....

or you might need to play with it  to fix it ? :) 


making the short piece Post to Rail may work too depending on the look needed , beam may need doing manually though...



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