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  1. I had the exact same problem and I called tech support and they told me to shelf my connexon cad mouse and buy the cheapest wired mouse possible and admire my cad mouse from a distance and the support person was really rude about and talked over me when I tried to explain what was going on. I took his advice though and it works. I tried every possible setting on the Cad Mouse but nothing worked so I bought a cheap wired mouse and it works perfectly. The support person: I am not mention names said all the people in the office use a cheap wired mouse. Go figure? I will address the rudeness on another occasion. I think we are all stupid to them. I didn't want to puff up like a barnyard rooster and mention my PhD so I just acted dumb so he would have a better day. Cheers.... David P
  2. Besides everything you said is an absolute lie. Thanks for encouraging piracy: We all have paid for SSA for years Here is a fact you should consider: Illegality. Using or distributing pirated software constitutes a violation of software copyright law. Companies and individuals face up to $150,000 in penalties for every instance. They've also committed a felony that can lead to up to five years in prison. Many software creators provide buyers or users of their software with a number of licenses. The license may be for one computer, two, or ten; it all depends on the company’s decisions. Now, as a licensed user, you are permitted to make copies of your purchased software. But only as backups. This is to ensure that you don’t have to purchase it again in the event that you delete the software, or your machine gets stolen or damaged. Copying the software and sharing it with other people for free is considered as an act of copyright violation. Many software companies have tried stopping software piracy. In fact, they once copy-protected software in order to stop the illegal copying of software. But this proved to be ineffective and many users complained that it wasn’t convenient for them. Selling Pirated software is extremely felonious Most software companies now require that every potential user registers with them at the time of purchasing the software. This is in a bid to help them clamp down on piracy.
  3. Do any of you guys ever do a horizontal orientation of your floor plans when 1/4 " =1 ' is to large for a vertical orientation on 24" x36 layout ? Instead of reducing to 3/16" =1' which framers hate? david p
  4. I ran into this before beside manually placing columns is there a way to get rid of column on left that automatically inserts into opening of stair. I solved this in the past but cannot remember how, having a major brain fart. David P
  5. Wow: Just getting around to reading this tirade on Hot Keys. I am always amazed with the knowledge of some of you guys. I used Revit and AutoCAD for a long time and they are all good products for what they are purposed for. If your doing Custom Home Design and additions and actually want to run a decent business Revit and AutoCAD are hyper inflated and over complex for the task, yes you can do it and they work but really do you want to? I use about 10 Hotkeys and I will probably add some more soon. The thing here in these forums and in the Chief User Facebook that amazes me is just really how smart some of you guys are. I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in design and I am stunned by just how stupid I am. I do at least 20 Custom Home jobs a year and a boat load of additions as well as some light commercial projects. I do not have the time you guys have to keep up with all the fancy equipment. We use a simple 3d Connexion Cad Mouse all are Computers are Dell Precision Workstations or XPS Work Stations we use HP Design Jet T630 Plotters and we have one expensive scanner. I hear guys going out and getting a big as-built done in a couple hours and how they can complete a project that takes me a good work week in a few hours and I seriously want to just give up. It takes me a full day sometimes to do a decent size as-built in sometimes multiple days and yes we use lasers. Guys like Alaska Son, Joey Martin etc, etc your like the Gods of Chief Architect and some of you other guys blow me away with the equipment. Extra Numerical Keypads this that and the other thing. I am convinced I must really suck at time management. Look we bring in about 300 grand a year after expenses who knows but Chief Architect for the last 8 almost nine years has made me an incredible living. We bought Lumion two years ago I don't have time to learn it. I have only had a few clients that would pay for that level of perfection in Ray-Tracing. We have not had time to even put some great marketing 3d stuff together because for those almost nine years we have been swamped. I am not being facetious here, I read through these forums at what you guys know and how well your doing it and I literally want to retire for the second time. God Bless you guys your all amazing you must be financially crushing it..
  6. I am getting ready to purchase new Desktop for X13. I was going to update graphics card but my Desktop is a little over 3 years now. Graphics card was going to run between 500 to 800 and with a new power supply I am thinking just go new, What are you guys using?
  7. I am beating a dead horse here. I have a Disto X3 and it easily sends dimensions to Chief but Chief will not accept the fraction format the Disto uses a straight line numerator over the denominator. Cheif fractions use an angle in their fractions and will not accept the Disto format. Does anyone know how to fix this or change Chiefs fraction format?
  8. Chief says you can use Disto X3 In the program but the Disto X3 sends fractions numerator over denominator not with an angle so your Chief plan will not accept that format. Does anyone have a solution? Can you change the fraction format in Chief?
  9. I gave up on the Disto X3 the big problem is how it sends the fraction format 1/2 Lieca uses numerator over denominator not angled. Is there a way to change the fraction format in chief?
  10. Chief is terrible blah blah blah.. I have made over a hundred grand seven straight years with Chief Architect versus Revit I pay a boatload for and make pennies. If Chief did one new thing with X13 it's still worth it..
  11. Yep this is what I normally do as well. I was going off into uncharted territory which did not make any sense..
  12. I am not sure I explained myself correctly. I create CAD Details in Plan View everyday and send them to layout to whatever scale I want . This is seamless. I am talking about while I am in Layout View I open up Cad Detail Management and create a detail in Layout View. It opens up a Detail Sheet that has to be zoomed in and when you send a Library Item say a Chief Detail it goes to the sheet at 1:1 and has to be shrunk to fit on that detail sheet: when I send that to Layout it has to be scaled. If I am in in the Detail Sheet View and I go too Print " Drawing Sheet Set Up it just shows the Arch 24x36 sheet size. I do not see a way to scale the detail Sheet only the actual detail Would you be up for doing a screen share. We use Zoom Video Conferencing. I can create a layout with all these details by working through Plan View and sending details to layout but like you said some times. files get mixed. I wan a Layout with all the details Embedded and I can just delete the ones not specific to the current project I am working on. I hope I am making sense. David
  13. Share with us the process you use with Blender and Chief Architect in terms of integration. I would like to know if its worth it. David
  14. Go to where you customize tool bars and add the old break tool to your menu bar. There is a universal one at the bottom menu bar. I added one on my Tool Bar Configuration I did this with the old copy and place which has been removed from the right click menus. I never used it for windows, doors, cabinets etc. Cheers
  15. I guess what I was getting tripped up on in the past is when you go to Cad Detail Management and create a new Cad Detail the detail page it comes up zoomed out and you have to zoom in and add your details. I did that today and added a bunch of Cad Details to my Layout Template. This is one of the things that I have been to busy over the years to take a moment and figure it out. Thanks for the help guys. Also when you grab a detail from the Library it comes massively over sized for the details page and you have to shrink it. Is there any preferences or default fixes. I am going to look and see but if you know a better way let me know. You guys are a tremendous blessing. David
  16. I just click on the door and the small square box allows you to move it any where you want. If your talking about as a default you change that I think in the DBX.
  17. I love the saved Plan Views and use them all the time. It was a learning curve at first but it was a good upgrade in my humble opinion. David
  18. Does anybody use CAD Detail Management for creating a Cad Detail in Layout? and for what purpose. In 8 years I have never used it once but If I am missing something I would like to know. David
  19. Contracts:

    I get asked a lot about what contracts we use here is a simple one we use a lot please change header with your individual company info and any other place Payette Designs is mentioned.



    Share Payette Designs Contract.doc

  20. Here is a real tech question. Where do you change signature line on forums. I do not see it in the edit profile. I need to up date my PC info so I can impress everyone because at 61 years old that is important to me lol. David
  21. Yes I loved it but there were times when I would leave a window on top of a window ect so making you go an extra step might be helpful. I just do not want Chief to change things based on low level users. I consider Chief Architect to be an increasingly Professional Software . We use Revit as well but Chief is Streamlined for the Residential Market. Over the past six years Chief Architect has brought almost a million dollars into my business and for that I will be forever blessed. I have little to show for that success because I like toys but hey life is short. Cheers.
  22. Yeah I figured that was the reason. I do the other ways as well all the time. There is still copy , paste in place on the other menu so I can still use it when I am stubborn. I love X12 lots of great things like the point to point. Cheers.
  23. Please tell me why Chief Architect has decided not to put " Copy Paste In Place" In the right click menu? x12