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Hi All,


Does anyone have any good ideas about the best way to present multiple options to clients, and at the end of the day be able to select any combination of those options and continue working? As of now, I'm doing a "save-as" for each option, and trying to name them concisely and keep track of all of them is a pain, not to mention trying to merge all the selected options back into one working file after all is done.


I know about dynamic defaults, and now style palettes, but both seem to just scratch the surface. Am I missing something?



Tom E.

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unfortunately, "save as" is the preferred method for Chief


Softplan has a building options feature - no idea if it works 



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On 7/13/2021 at 10:09 AM, EngelsmaHomes said:

and now style palettes  ( SP )


One way for sure but currently SP's are limited in their functionality in regards to what you can add to an SP . ( eg Cabinet Partitions can't be last I looked)

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Remember, this is a 3D software and even with layers objects...especially walls...can't occupy the same space, even if on a layer that is turned off. This is a pain, and some see it as a limitation of the program, but the inconvenience of having multiple plan files for multiple options is a small price to pay for the ease and speed of using this program.


You can minimize the PITA factor by having an office standard for file management to handle all those plans and options. Having the ability to use one layout file is a big help, and you can use the CAD Detail area of the layout to save items as well. For instance, some of the bath options can simply be CAD blocks saved in the layout to drag and drop into place.


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