Re-Install Previous Version of X13

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How would one re-install the previous version of X13 if it has already been deleted from my computer? I feel that some of the main rendering techniques were altered to be generally worse in this latest release.

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36 minutes ago, Chrisb222 said:

Doesn't help you now, but I always save all install packages in a separate folder on my computer, just in case I ever want to go back

I kinda expected it'd still be hanging out in my Downloads folder, but somebody got the bright idea to clean up the other day! I just had to dig around in the trash and I'm glad I 'found' it because the really faint lines in standard view and PBR-RT are sooooo much better than the latest X13 release. Also, the same renderings are taking 1/2 the time and I can't help but wonder if it's due to the line thickness. Line drawings always used to be a slow and cumbersome rendering method, so I assume they still add a lot of time to the processing.

Sooo much better, it feels good to not have to look at those heavy crappy lines. Barely there is how I like it!

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