video download procedure.

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at one time we could just save the CA video just by right click and save video as.......  open a place in folders and done.

why can't we download the videos anymore?

example:- what new in CA X13.

also we had a down load arrow that sometimes opened to the top left-hand side of our screens a long side the opened video.

what has happened to saving CA videos?

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no idea - I have PaintShop Pro and it  has a video capture tool


I suspect there are free capture tools to be found via Google



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Many vendors used to host their videos where the video file was basically read by the browser and played. This allowed the easy save to disk options, but was wasteful if people didn't watch the whole video as part or all of the file was read, and this also added load which could be an issue if lots of users connected at the same time.


Hence many videos are now hosted by third parties that specialise in video streaming as they have the resources to cope with variable loads and can more efficiently stream only the content that you actually watch which is the feature that often breaks the old save as functionality.  Such services also have an interest in avoiding downloading to allow videos to

be updated and in some cases adverts included dynamically.


The last time I checked CA moved to using Vimeo, but the download issue with such services can be worked around by using one of a number of browser extensions that basically download all the stream and then recreate a full video file which can then be saved to disk.

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CA uses Vimeo.  In the Vimeo settings, CA has unchecked permission to download.  They would simply have to check that box to permit it.

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