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I am having an issue with my models when trying to use PBR. Either the recessed lighting won't turn on or if it does it provides no actual light source and just appears as glowing orbs over the light fixtures. I have adjusted just about every setting I can think of and nothing has changed it!


Any advice would be great! 


I am running Chief Architect Premier x12 on an iMac


The first image is with the sunlight toggled off, it's the only time I can get the lights to come on. 

Second is with sunlight on, but no lights 


Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.56.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.56.58 PM.png

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6 hours ago, Maddeejewels said:

just appears as glowing orbs over the light fixtures

I have seen this before, but usually when I am using my PBR camera and go from the outside to the interior.  For some reason the foster-grant lenses don't readjust from sun light to room light.  What I have done though once your back inside, is go back to standard camera, move your viewpoint just a tad.. to the system to readjust to the light, then switch back to PBR.  If still an issue, turn off the sunlight..  which in my opinion shouldn't be a work around, but it is.  

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The glowing lights when the sun is off is not because they are on, it's due to the light bulb material having an emissive setting which makes a material glow as if it is a light source. To get your lights to show properly when the sun is turned on will likely require you to increase the lights intensity, which will vary depending on how intense the sun is. Make sure that the lights are actually on in the camera view and then go into the light DBX and increase the lights intensity, if the sun intensity is very high then you may need to increase the light intensity quite a bit.

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I have tried all of those things and am still having the same problem! I used this same model on a PC earlier on and ran into the issue once or twice but was able to make it work. I have tried everything and can't get it to work at all on my Mac. I would be happy to share the model with anyone that would like to take a look. It's a very large project so I can't share the file here in the forum. 


Thank you! 

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23 hours ago, Maddeejewels said:

anyone that would like to take a look

Attached is file with an adjusted camera,sun, and light set. NO it is not attached, Looks like they have changed the file size limit to 2MB (was wondering why you couldn't attach it?0 Sending back to you by email. The rest is here for anyone with same issue in the future.


I set generic sun then turned it down, I started with it at 100 then moved up. Also changed the postion temporarily since I like to know where it is and if it's working. Can adjust later as you see fit.image.png.bfef1da7504a00cc11934d3733863c2d.png

Slight adjustment to rendering technique.image.thumb.png.cbc7609228f3eb5f0c47b221d3b9e5e3.png

Then I named the room so I could identify the lights and made a new light set, turned on all the lights in the room. The only change to lights themselves was to make the right table lamp match the left one (changed from spot to point) image.thumb.png.a33bfcb0f6d836c6cd0a9f49328314cf.png

I would most likely change at some lights total and some from point to spot, turn some shadows OFF, move the sun depending. This should get you going.


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