Sharing Preferences And Defaults Between Multiple Computers; Best Practice.


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I have done searches on all of the terms I can come up with to no avail so I'll ask my question and be ready to be directed to a thread that answers it.

What would be the Best Practice for sharing/syncing preferences and defaults between multiple computers using Premier?

Thanks in advance.


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All the Defaults are saved with the plan, so you only need to copy a template plan (or any plan) to another computer.

Export and Import Hotkeys.

Import toolbars with Toolbar Customisation.

Preferences can be done manually.


Graeme, I see you just posted as well - the Preferences transfer is always a pain, but doesn't take that long.

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What I had hoped for was a practice whereby some set of the program files could be in Dropbox or Drive and accessed from laptops or PCs with seamless synchronization; a change to the program on one device would be in effect when the program was opened on another device, with the same license of course. This seems so logical and useful that I can't believe someone hasn't found a way to do this.

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That's what I have in mind Joey, I can't seem to figure how to get there.

The program says it stores the Preferences in <Users/Toby/AppData/Roaming/Chief Architect Inc>. I can see no way to point the program toward another folder such as Dropbox.

I have the 'Templates', the 'Data' Folder and the 'Shared Patterns' Folder in Dropbox, selected under the Preferences, General, Folders pane but can see no way to select the other folders as shown in the 'All Program Paths:' button. Please tell me the way to get there.


Thanks, Toby

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Hi Toby

I'm wondering if you managed to find or establish "best practice" for multiple computers and/or multiple users.


Replicating preferences is straightforward.

We have 4 active users and each chooses their own workspace with preferences and toolbars.

Sharing templates is straight forward.

Fully shared libraries, materials textures etc. seem to be more of a challenge.


What solution did you end up deploying?




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