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  1. Gary_M

    DOOR / WINDOW header height AFF automati

    AFF is a designation for height from the BOTTOM of the finish floor- not the top. It is almost always the same as from top of subfloor.
  2. Gary_M

    Tennesse Architect ONLY

    Very nicely done Charles!
  3. Gary_M

    Tablet Vs Laptop

    And think seriously about getting a spill proof sippy cup. Worth the investment I would think.
  4. Gary_M

    Newbie Dimension Question

    I am not familiar with "CA Suites" but have you watched the training video on dimensions and setting the defaults? Once you do that you will see how easy it will be for you.
  5. Gary_M

    Sneak Peak Into Chief X7 - Posted On Facebook

    Well, at least they are interesting conversations!
  6. Gary_M

    Complex Roof Driving Me Crazy !

    Yes, the "Chief Plan". That means the Chief Architect software created plans you are creating to draw this project. Are you using Chief Architect software? What version? What level of expertise in construction do you have? Posting the plan means uploading the Chief Architect drawing file. ?????
  7. Gary_M

    Missing "gable Over Door Edit Button"

    Works for me. Select your door and then the tool bar on the bottom of the screen will pop up. There is an icon that looks like a house- that is your button
  8. Gary_M

    Sneak Peak Into Chief X7 - Posted On Facebook

    Dennis, I think he might be thinking along the lines of the newer Softplan UI, Revit, etc.
  9. Gary_M

    Importing Dwg's - Again

    Since I work with autocad as well it's not much of a problem for me. When you are going to have someone send you a dwg ask them to make all the layer colors whatever you want to see them in. It takes all of 2 seconds to do IF they are using layers correctly. I say that because in autocad you can make any given thing whatever color you want irrespective of the layer color. That is "bad form" but a lot of people do that. If that is the case then if all the blocks are exploded in the drawing then you can draw a marquee around everything in the drawing and change the color as well. Even that only takes a few more seconds but then the blocks and perhaps some other entities are just bits and pieces then which can be a pain to work with. So, that is how it works!
  10. Gary_M

    Importing Dwg's - Again

    Larry, as you start going through it remember that a lot of the colors that are used in autocad are user set for working with a black screen. Have you tried changing your CA background color to black just to see what you can work with? It would be worth trying out I would think.
  11. Keep your template plan(s) on dropbox and use that for your base no matter which computer you are using.
  12. Gary_M

    Training Videos

    Besides the Chief videos:
  13. Gary_M

    Import Shp File To Create Symbol

    Rob, Message me and I'll give you my email address to send me a couple of the shp files and I'll see if I can get them for you.
  14. Gary_M

    Behaviour Indicators

    Weird behaviors like this can sometimes be a result of a mouse going bad or needing a new battery. Shot in the dark here.
  15. Gary_M

    Project Browser & Library Creep

    I get it too and yes it is just a minor irritant. The bottom of the library window still shows for me so when I grab that to stretch it down it moves the top down as well.