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I downloaded the X12 free trial to check out whether i want to upgrade form X11.  Here's my issue.  When open previous plans to edit it comes in under the X12 - which I don't want .. How do I open my current and past plans in X11




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1 hour ago, Kiwideziner said:

Once you have opened and saved a file in a later version you cannot open that file in previous versions, only the backup that is created somewhere.

Yrue enough but0 the trial version does NOT save

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Here is a tech article about associating files with a particular version of the program:


Also, regarding upgrading to X12, please note that if your SSA is current that you should be able to get X12 without having to pay the upgrade price.   If you let your SSA lapse, then you would have to pay the upgrade price but that it is currently on sale.  If you do renew your SSA at this time, you should also be able to get X13 when it is released in the next few months.  For more information, you may want to contact our sales department during our normal business hours and speak to them about your specific situation.


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