How to share a plan file

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I am a relatively new user, I have a designer that is able to help me with my roof design and framing layout. how can I get my existing file over to her to make the changes and then send it back?

Thanks for the help, 

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my partner and I lived in different states


I used date and time and also LBX12 in file name


He would use JKX12 


thus, we knew who last worked on the plan and what version it was created in

as we also worked on prior versions for clients


With Gmail you can send huge file sizes with no problem


it also helps to have some kind of "zoom" capability 

to help discuss design and changes


instead of saying "no, the third window from the door on the left", "do you see it ?"

"ok, look at the ceiling mess above that window


being able to see someone else screen and even recording the session is very handy

with most "zoom" type apps you can even take control of their computer


we used Mikogo:



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Assuming that you are both using the same version of the program, the Backup Entire Plan tool is the recommended way of doing this.


Some more information can be found here:


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