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  1. I have an existing design in Chief X14 that I would like basement drawings completed for to fulfill a request by a customer on a stock plan order. I will complete the rest of the construction set. The original foundation is a piling/elevated ground floor with drive under garage, and the customer has requested converting to an Nadura 8" basement system with two sides below grade and two are above with garage and window walls. The timeline is about 3 weeks to complete. I have a few of these types of projects if you are interested in further work. Thank you, Angela Kamer Intertwine House Plans 810-434-3923 Casa
  2. I have used the Backup Entire Plan feature and the person I sent it to says they are unable to edit the .plan file upon opening. What are we doing wrong?
  3. I could help you out if you are still looking! 810-434-3923
  4. Thanks Eric, those look great. What I need is assistance marking up construction sets for discrepancies and errors.
  5. I am looking for assistance marking up/redlining construction sets for errors and discrepancies, to be sold as stock plans. I have attached a plan I am looking to get marked up ASAP, and there would be more in the future. Please let me know your rates and process- I would like to work together to create an efficient system for us both! The Maple Takeoff Set NFC.pdf
  6. I have had a few openings in my job flow and would like to pick up and turn over as many projects as possible over the next 1-4 weeks. Small or large. Please send me your additions, remodels, redlines, 3D render work, or I can finish out your construction sets, do full house designs, etc. I have 8 years experience in custom residential design and am currently working in X9.
  7. I am interested in picking up extra volume and can take plenty of work off your hands! Just sent you an email with details and work examples.
  8. Happy to help and can work quickly if you are still needing additional hands on this one.
  9. Previous versions did not walk through the walls, and you could fish eye the view as much as possible. Correct- "Restrict Floor Camera to Room" does not work.
  10. How do I get my camera to stay inside a room and not move through walls?
  11. I find my tracker in X8 to be tracking any file that is open at the same rate, regardless of whether I am using it or not. I thought these were supposed to be tracked separately, or that this would have been addressed by now? Doesn't this make Time Tracker useless, even for exports?
  12. Thanks for the responses. It seems like the D1 and D2 labeling is definitely the best way to go and actually effective.
  13. I like to separate my door/window schedules by floor, but Chief starts the numbering system back to D01 when I do this. To clarify, if I do one big schedule for the whole house with all floors showing, my numbers might read from D01-D42 When I separate by floor, Floor 1 starts with D01-D17, and instead of Floor 2 picking up at D18-D42 (or even just some variation of numbers instead of repeats), it starts over again at D01. Thus repeating Door #'s. Any way around this?
  14. Thanks. My other idea is just to import the DWG for the manufacturers and paste CAD blocks.
  15. Is it possible to easily get 2D symbols for doors and windows to add and annotate in my schedules? And if so, I would need them for manufacturer catalogs also. The attachment shows what I am going for.