Wall Elevation Issue

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I am at a loss. Been using CA Interiors for 7 years.

Working on a new kitchen design and camera view shows wall and backsplash in the kitchen.

In elevation 1 of bath side; shows the wall but elevation 2 of the refrigerator side; has no wall. This has never happened before.


Attached Floor Plan, Camera View and 2 Elevations.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Floor Plan.png

Elevation 1.png

Elevation 2.png

Refrigerator Camera View.png

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That is definitely a cool trick.  I would also love to know how you did that if you would be willing to post the file.


You may have cracked the vector view invisibility mystery.

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Very interesting it is showing those crooked stairs on the other side of the bathroom since it is all designated as one room and it is ignoring the room in the middle.  Plan file would be good to examine this closer, but looks like a “glitch” of sorts or a limitation to the program since it is not typical you would have a U shaped room like that with another room in the middle... may need to send that on to tech support.


But to get your work done in the meantime just back clip that camera to the wall you want to show.


Not asked for but just thought I would mention try using vector view and plot lines for your elevations.  A bit more sharp and precise for elevations.

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Ryan nailed it.  Very easy to reproduce too.  Its because Chief only recognizes a Room's defining walls with the wall elevation camera.  Those walls in the middle are not being used to define the room.  It's reasons like these along with many many others that I very rarely use the Wall Elevation tool and prefer to use a standard Cross Section/Elevation Camera along with a simple CAD mask.


You could also optionally draw some Room Divider walls somewhere in order to actually enclose that kitchen area within the larger space.  If its me, I'm just gonna use the regular elevation camera and a CAD mask though.

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