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  1. Thank you, Mark. Your help seems to have corrected the issues.
  2. Thanks for all the information. A few questions - Can't read some of the screenshots in the Nvidia Control Panel directions. 1 - In Open GL Rendering GPU - is it the GeForce info? 2 - In the Power Management - is it Prefer Consistent Performance? In the Windows Graphics Settings - Which performance option should be used for the CA or Ray Tracing? Windows Decide, Power Saving or High Performance? Thanks again,
  3. Thank you for the information and how to reconnect it. I may try to update the Nvidia Card. I have the 13.5" screen and like you, seldom use tablet mode. I was just working on a drawing this morning to see if was still there and it worked fine for about 30 minutes and then started again.
  4. I am working in CA Interiors X13 on new Surface Book 3 that I have had for about 1 month and upgraded to X13 on 6/8/21 and it has been working fine. My old Surface had the latest Nvidia RTX video card. My new one came with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 with Max Q Design. Is has seemed fine, but maybe X13 has something to do with it. Maybe I need to get the latest RTX? I have not submitted a support ticket yet; trying this first. Everything has been fine until an hour ago. Now when I go from plan to a Camera or Orthographic view, the view shows up fine, but as soon as I scroll or move my mouse anywhere the screen goes black and then flickers on and off. I cannot get a screen shot of it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. I would say I scaled it like I always do, but I will check when I am back at my desk. Thanks
  6. I am working In CA Interiors X12 I am working on a bathroom and have done this many times. But this time, when I apply the same material to the top and bottom custom backsplashes, they appear in different sizes. The top is the correct scale. WHen I copy it and apply it to the bottom it is larger. Any suggestions are appreciated. GG Morris
  7. They are now! How would they get toggled off? Don't think I did it, but suppose I must have. Thanks!
  8. This should be simple. I have been on CA for about 8 years and am now working on CA Interiors X12. I have always had temporary wall dimensions when drawing walls, so didn't really think much about it. But now they are gone. So I went back to help and videos and checked all my settings. They seem correct, but still no dimensions. Is this something with X12 and I just did not notice until now? Attaching my settings. Thanks for any suggestions
  9. Thank you. I made copies and edited the color in them. It worked.
  10. I believe this should be very simple but cannot find any tutorial, video, or previous question about it anywhere. I have a tile material I screen captured from an online source (do it all the time). I have changed all the specifications on the Define Material panels as needed. Now I want to show my client several versions of it with different grout colors. Is that possible? Working in CA Interiors X12
  11. Thank you everyone. The video gave me everything I needed, but extra information is always welcome.
  12. Thank you Steve Nestor...great video. It worked exactly as the video shows and made it very simple. It is as the video explains a variation on a pony wall. Then I made a few adjustments to balusters and the top railing and it is minutes! GG
  13. I am an interior designer working in CA x12 Interiors. I have watched many videos on staircases but cannot find information on a railing that sits on a stringer capping. I am designing the lower level of a split-level home and also am working on the staircase up to both upper levels. I need a staircase with a 7 baluster railing running into the wall halfway up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The railing needs to sit on a stringer capping rather than having open treads and risers. I can draw the angle with the wall for the railing to sit on and I can draw the railing, but cannot get the railing on the angle. Any suggestions would be appreciated. GG Morris
  14. Thank you again. I always find the help I need with this group.