Looking for material suggestions to match modern-style home


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Hello All-


Looking for some suggestions on what materials from the manufacturer's catalogue downloads we have access to that will mimic the picture I've added.

Customer wants a smooth, tight-fit linear stone pattern and a horizontal wood-type veneer.


Thank you-



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That’s usually not wood on those modern style facades.  It’s a printed steel siding product. 

here’s a link to one of a million suppliers...



These guys also sell architectural panels like the ones you see on commercial buildings. This industrial look has found its way into residential design.  

It’s better to first find a local supplier that the tradesmen in your area buy from and then get the colours and patterns off of their website. This way you design your client's home with a clear way for your builder to reproduce your drawings in the field. 

I always hate it when clients show me photos from some heavily photoshopped Pinterest facade they absolutely fell in love with and ask me to build it. 

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This style has become very popular in certain regions, especially in the surrounding Toronto region. Here is one we worked several years ago located in Oakville.

Project 13-441 | BONE Structure


This company is based out of Quebec. Some good examples of finishes.


The exterior finishes are really straight forward, typically some form of printed metal siding or panel mixed with stucco and/or ledger type stone.

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On 12/21/2020 at 9:34 AM, robdyck said:



Thanks so much for the tip on using the Clopay material for the woodgrain ship-lap siding. Perfect timing as I was looking for this as well. I increased the scale of the texture and chose Chief's pattern "planking 2x6" under framing, rotated and scaled it.

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