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  1. Hello all- Am I missing these in our catalogues or are they hidden away somewhere special? I cannot find these options anywhere. If they're not then is there a way to create one with a standard door or has someone created one of these themselves? Thanks and have a great day- Justin

    Looking for a Pivot-style modern front door.

    Ok, great! Thank you- J
  3. Ah, so simple. Sheesh. Thank you-
  4. Hello All- For whatever reason my cabinet schedule can add the schedule number to the floor plans but the window and door schedule does not. Hmmm..Closed the plan tried again, nothing. It's supposed to be a simple box check under the label tabs in each of the schedule dialogue boxes but hey what do I know....Any hints? COVAULT
  5. Roger that. Here it is without the zip. Thank you- COVAULT_3-16-20.plan
  6. Ok, so I've been working on the plan now for the last 2 days and each day I save it as a new plan. Within an hour of saving it again this morning I started getting some slowdown in the commands. It didn't take but 5 minutes to then get to the point where it was not going to let me move a wall, adjust a sink or delete some hanging shelves in the master closet area. I have no idea what's going on. It's slowest and actually locks up when viewing the main level but is still very slow on second and basement levels. Things to note: Ran a virus check - nope (this file and whole computer). ANY other plan I open up through Chief 11 works just fine. I rebooted the computer several times. Any suggestions and or a way to clean the plan for unused files etc would be helpful. I don't even know if that's the answer. If, at the end of the day, I cannot get this cleared up is there a way to transfer to a new file without bringing the lockup issue with it? Gotta get this out today. Sheesh! Thank you all in advance for your suggestions. Justin CHAMPION_1-2-20.plan

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    I have NO earthly idea how those doors got there. Oh my! That last comment from Alaskan Son was AWESOME! Brahahaha

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    Ummmmm WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stupid wall between the master and great room was the issue. Deleted it and the rest of the master wing inside walls and presto, all's well with the world again. OMG. That was breaking my spirits over the last few hours. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    Joe- Yeah, I looked at the disk space remaining and I've got plenty of space. Less than 40% taken up so far. Thanks for the help. J

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    Also, I'm sure there is a way to purge unused walls / layers / files associated with the plan? Any suggestions?

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    I also went through and turned off any other layer that was not necessary. A blip faster but still crashes when I move a wall in the master bathroom area that I'm working on. Hmmm. Any other suggestions?

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    Ok, so I removed the pdf survey from the plan. Turned off roof planes. Turned off any labels that didn't need to show. Deleted the suv. ....And it still crashes. Hmmm Are there other layers that need to be turned off or could there be something with the staircase? I don't know, I'm grasping at straws here. ha

    Text on a radius

    Hey Everyone- I've got a situation where I'd like to place text on a radius and I'm having trouble figuring this out. Is there a way to bend a text box to follow a radius I set up? Example: Along a curved street. Thank you- Justin
  14. It's been a while, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why my temporary dims don't show when I select walls (with no dims), draw polylines, cad blocks or solid objects etc. Hmmmm I know it's a simple fix but it's just not coming to me. I've included a recent x11 version plan for reference. Thanks for the help.... Justin MARBLE_HILL_ROAD_6-18.plan

    Just upgraded to 11, temporary dims not working...

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!, Just a simple button click. Sheesh. That was it, they work now. Unbelievable. What a simple fix. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Justin

    Just upgraded to 11, temporary dims not working...

    Yeah, even a new plan does the same thing. Here is a screenshot of the defaults for temp. dims. Thanks for the help....

    Just upgraded to 11, temporary dims not working...

    Well....that's what's happening in your version. Mine, does not do that. My question is what button do I need to push to make that happen? lol

    Just upgraded to 11, temporary dims not working...

    Yes, I know this. but try and draw a square with a polyline shape and see what happens.....

    Cost effective design and rendering services

    Hello- Looking to outsource some work. Please give me a ring sometime to talk through your process and pricing. Thank you- Justin Cormier 865-255-1120 Knoxville, TN
  20. Hello Everyone- So for a while now I've been experiencing this issue where my program freezes when I go to print a page from my layout that has a pdf that has been sent from either my plan file or that I have imported directly from my desktop to the layout file itself. Seems to be that the files are just too big or something and it just chokes. I've been tracing the darn things in my plan file, deleting the PDF and sending the cad drawing to layout and it all works well there.....But, I've got a multi-page pdf that I'd like to add that has a ton of drawing (if I were to trace over them like I have been) and I cannot justify the time to do so. A few questions.. Is there a setting that I don't know about in the Chief program that helps with this situation? Does anyone else send pdf's to the layout with any problems like this and if so what do they do to make it work for them? Do I need to convert the file? If so, I don't mind purchasing a software converter (I've read some other posts for recommendations.) Thanks for your help. Justin

    PDF creating issues when printing from layout page.

    Chop- Hmmm. OK. Tried the Gimp converter and it worked great. Thank you chop....and everyone else for their answers. JC
  22. Hello All- I obviously have a contract that I use on every job, but I got to thinking the other day....What could I be missing that is either leaving me exposed or not charging enough for additional services? Does anyone have a really solid contract that they feel covers just about everything from custom homes, spec. homes for builders, additions / renovations, exit strategies spelled out if a customer becomes really unreasonable, etc.? Thanks and I look forward to some examples. JC
  23. Parkwest... Thanks for the quick turn around on this. I'll look into both later today, Take care- J

    Dimension arrow background adjustment help needed

    Ok. Thank you chop.