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Trying to cut a slope or "head room" just on this front edge of the ceiling. This ceiling is also a slab. It's the only way I could get this 3rd level split to have the right ceiling heights. Can anyone help on how to make a cut out for head room on this? I have a picture of the current space attached as well. I am sure I did something wrong and not even sure if this design would work -I guess i need it to look like the very last picture of the existing ceiling - but do it all the way across.

head room.JPG




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Use invisible walls to mark around your lower staircase. 
Adjust the ceiling height and then add a p-solid for the sloped part. Or a ceiling plane with a slope if you’re comfortable with that. 

You can also work from the floor above but instead of adjusting the ceiling height you’ll be defining the area as “open below”

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