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Hey Guys,


I just had to share. I have been using a 3D Design master Lourdes to do some clean up on a few projects of mine. Take a looks at the latest one she did. For just a few bucks, she took my plan and turned it into what my clients called, "SOLD"  I wanted to help spread the word about her, as she was quick, fast and rather inexpensive. 





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Here is one she did last week. This client was so pleased, he paid double..!   --  I mean, WHO DOES THAT..!!


Anyways I had to share, as Lourdes is a great addition to anyone out there doing plans in Chief. Chief makes it easy to draw, and with people like Lourdes, it now even easier to sell.





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As you can Imagine, My Client not only went with my EXACT design with almost no changes, but they were so impressed they passed it along to friends that lead to about 4 new jobs so far. I was so BLOWN away I just had to share with all of you guys. 


Great Fast and reliable work. 


Another Beauty... 



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Hello Micheal Thank you. I have also replied to you via email if you are interested.Thank you for you comment and hopeful interest in my services.

 If you need a rendering artist i would be glad to help.Below i have attached the link the forum you replied in and my portfolio site. please contact me at your convenience if have any questions .



Thank you,

 Lourdes W

347 265-9244


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