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  1. ALL NEW SYMBOL - Double Sided Fireplace with Built-in Shelving Unit What will Dave's Mind think of next, maybe something with a low polyline count and stunning views? Welcome to the first-ever 2-sided fireplace unit with built-ins. What more can you desire from your Chief Architect Symbol? Ignite the fire inside you...! Are you a Prime Member? Download Here: See All Our Symbols: Join Us for a LIFETIME PASS Here:
  2. ALL NEW SYMBOLS ADDED OVER AT CHIEFTUTOR.comClosets Lockers & Shelving UnitsEver had the need to PIMP out a closet space on the fly? How about a floating shelving unit to spice up a wet bar area? You found the dream team of symbols to help do just that. The all-new Chief Architect Closet and Locker and More Units Symbols - all free for the taking. (if you are a member that is....)Direct Download Link: ALL OF OUR SYMBOLS ON DISPLAY @ Today and GET Free Access for LIFE:
  3. The Gutter Planter Box by DMD See All Our Symbols Here: Already A Prime Member? Download Here: Wanna join for life? Simple and Easy HERE: might not be worth it for children under 6
  4. That should also help
  5. Doggy Cabinet Door Anyone? Chief Architect X13 Doggy Door, a simple cabinet door style to hide your favorite pet, as long as PETA never hears about it, I should be safe.. Even comes with a 3D Doggy, how's that for coolness. Direct Link: See All Our Symbols: -Dave
  6. Ever wanted to learn how to draw a perfect round-about driveway, or use the terrain tools to do something that actually looks right? Well, me too, but hey this way ain't bad... Our Quick Tip Training Video of the Week: Free Training Videos in Chief Architect @
  7. The Open Cabinet Door Perfect for an entertainment-style cabinet, these doors can be stretched anyway you like, see right inside the door or use them for your TV remote DVD and or cable box, or anywhere else your imagination can take you. View the Symbol in action Download Your Copy Today
  8. Hey David, It all depends on how big the project is. I'd be happy to review any project you have and let you know a price once I see your Chief Model. Dave
  9. Hey Guys, How is it with the new X13 - if I try to save a file then use the function "Right Click" for a PC in any folder to save, its freezes? Dave
  10. ALL NEW / Chimney Cap Symbol @ Really Makes Your Chief Models Blow Hard..! All Symbols We Offer - or Direct Link: Not Yet A Prime Member, Join Today and get goodies for the rest of your life, or mine, whichever comes first..!
  11. Ok, well FREE once you sign up - LOL... You mean to tell me there are people out there who have yet to sign up..? A Lifetime supply for $100.00...? Join Today:
  12. Are you ready for the all-new 2021 - X13 Exterior Light Fixtures Collection, it's totally free? Download Today on page #2 of our symbols collection: Or view them here:
  13. One of the reasons I started - Cause I learned a ton from Mike - R.I.P.
  14. Just wanted to say - Nicely Done Chief...!!!
  15. Easy - Join --
  16. Ever had this problem with your Chief Architect and HD Pro Program? Learn How To Fix It in a Flash.. @
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