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  1. Westlanedesigns

    Manitoba, Canada Users

    I am just seeing if there are any other designers in Manitoba, Canada. I am trying to see if I can get a training seminar set up for Winnipeg.
  2. Westlanedesigns

    Chief Architect X9 library thumbnails load slowly

    I just got off the phone with CA Support. We did some troubleshooting. It would appear there is an issue with the driver. We weren't able to fix the problem, but he found a way to at least make it load faster. If you go to Edit/Preferences select Library Browser. In the Selection Pane View uncheck Show Names in Selection Pane. As the name would suggest you will lose the names in the selection pane, but the thumbnails will load faster. As fast as expected.
  3. Westlanedesigns

    Chief Architect X9 library thumbnails load slowly

    I have sent something to tech support. I am thinking it is some combination of W10, the NVIDIA drivers for my card and CAx9. It works as expected on CAx8 on the same machine. I played around with it a little more yesterday bought haven't figured anything out yet. I have already wasted more time than it is worth. I shouldn't have got a new computer, new operating system and new version of CA all at the same time. Too mamy variables to easily troubleshoot.
  4. Westlanedesigns

    Video Card RAM Issue

    I have two other machines the vRAM in the message log for both of those machines displays the same RAM value of the card. My notebook has 2GB message log says 2GB, My older desktop has 4GB message log says 4GB. I am just trying to figure out If there is a problem with Windows 10 ability to use 8GB or CA to use 8GB, or if there is a problem with my desktop. Based on Chopsaw's response it would appear it is either W10 or CA. If I have time I will pull the 8GB card and put it in my older machine that is running W7, although I think I read somewhere that W7 was only capable of using 4GB of video card RAM.
  5. Westlanedesigns

    Video Card RAM Issue

    Thanks for the advice. I know the specs of the card. I am trying to determine if Chief is using it properly.
  6. Westlanedesigns

    Video Card RAM Issue

    Once I opened the TXT file I used CTRL+F to find the spot instead of scrolling down. Just lazy. Thanks for looking. I am not sure if this issue is related to my other issue. This is helping me troubleshoot.
  7. Westlanedesigns

    Chief Architect X9 library thumbnails load slowly

    Thanks Glenn. you just crushed my "it's a windows 10 issue" theory. It looks like I am down to my install of X9, some sort of compatibility issue with my graphics card or my entire system.
  8. Westlanedesigns

    Video Card RAM Issue

    go to windows RUN type in %localappdata% open Chief Architect X9 folder Message Log.txt should be there. If do CTRL+F and type in Diagnostic it will bring you to the information about the video card and other fun stuff.
  9. Westlanedesigns

    Chief Architect X9 library thumbnails load slowly

    Thanks, I have another computer in my office running X9 on Windows 7. It is noticeably faster. I keep thinking it is a Windows 10 issue, but I am trying to figure out if it is Windows 10 or if there is an issue with this machine. Thanks for the signature advice!
  10. Westlanedesigns

    Video Card RAM Issue

    I recently had a new desktop built. My video card is a Nvidia GTX 1070. It is an 8GB card. when I look at my message log it says I only have 4GB of ram. OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 384.76 OpenGL VRam: 4095 OpenGL GPU Count: 1 OpenGL GPU VRam: 4095 OpenGL GPU Driver Name: nvoglv64 OpenGL GPU Driver Date: 6-27-2017 OpenGL GPU Driver Version: OpenGL GPU Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 OpenGL GPU Device Path: pci\ven_10de&dev_1b81 Here is my system. Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-6900K Nvidia GTX 1070 Crucial MX300 275GB SSD Crucial 4X4GB DDR4 2400 RAM Anyone have a similar issue? I have Chief X8 and X9 on this system. The message log in both programs say the same thing. If anyone is running Windows 10 Pro with an 8GB card can they have a look at their message log and tell me if you are getting a similar message? This could just be a logging issue.
  11. Chief Architect X9 library thumbs nails load slow. Anyone have a similar issue? Here is my system. Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-6900K Nvidia GTX 1070 Crucial MX300 275GB SSD Crucial 4X4GB DDR4 2400 RAM I have Chief X8 and X9 on this system. in X8 the thumbnails load as expected. In X9 they take a long time. I have taken a picture of Mirrors and Frames. The thumbnails in this folder take about 4 seconds to load. When I open the same folder in X8 it takes a little over 1 second. This may seem insignificant, but when you are doing things like changing doors I need to wait for all of the door thumbnails to load before I can pick the one I want. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program.
  12. Westlanedesigns

    Layer not showing in "Layer Display Options" box

    I am having the same problem. I have a lot of my notes for different floor plans saved as blocks. When I am working on a new floor plan I bring that block into the new job and just move all the notes to the correct spot. Is this similar to what you do? If you do something similar, maybe the issue is with the block. My blocks were created in x7, maybe that is the issue. I have never unchecked the "modify name in all layer sets" box. I did not even know it existed. The other thing I do that brings information from one job to the next is use Annotation Sets and Layer Sets. I update these sets on a semi-regular basis, so if I am working on an older job I will import the new Annotation Sets and Layer Sets to the new job. Maybe that is triggering something?? I have not been able to create the problem by loading blocks, annotation sets or layer sets, as I have described above, But the I only ever notice the issue after I have done all of those things. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the template that I use. I save two different files for every job. A "preliminary" file and a "final" file. I don't use blocks, or update the annotation sets & layer sets in the "preliminary" file. I always do that for the "final" file. I only seem to have this issue with the "final" file. Not sure if my input helps anything, but if other users work in a similar fashion, and are experiencing the same issue, maybe that is the place to look???
  13. Westlanedesigns

    3D Rendering...

    Lourdes, Those are awesome! Are you using Chief Architect to create those exterior renderings? if so, how are you able to make the grass stick up so high?
  14. Westlanedesigns

    People Images - 1St Batch

    Yeah I tried it that way. Do they have to be in a specific root location when they are being importated? I have all of my calbiz files on my "server". Should they be stored in a different location in order to import into CA correctly? I haven't imported any new calbiz files for a while so I can't remember if I have had issues like this in the past.
  15. Westlanedesigns

    People Images - 1St Batch

    Thanks Joe, It still seems to be doing it. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am running X6. I have tried, drag and drop, double clicking the file, and importing from CA. They all came in empty (file image location is pointing to your computer). Is there a way to make the file location point to a calbiz file? I am sure by importing the calbiz file the image location is supposed to point back to the location of the calbiz file...Maybe it is an issue with X6. Anyway, I was able to get all of them to work as described above. Thanks so much for the collection. Cheers, Mike