Looks like a picture from hell..

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To all you other west coasters.. man I feel for you guys/gals, cannot even imagine.  Even if your not in the fire areas, the smoke must be horrendous.  My brother lives in Phoenix and cannot go outside with his asthma.  The news looks like a video literally from hell, with skies orange, and the backdrop all fire and brimstone.  If I could send one of the tropical depressions full of rain your way, I would..


Stay safe my fellow Chiefer's...

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At least we have enough sun today in my area (Mountain View - an hour south of San Francisco) that the porch lights aren't coming on in the middle of the day, but smoke is still too bad to be outside and fine gray ash is all over everything.  While one of your tropical depressions full of rain would be welcomed to wash away the smoke, people are now getting worried that when we finally do get rain, the mud slides will cause even more damage. 

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