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  1. stephenbc

    Manage Archive Folder

    Last month, this ability to go right to the archive folder upon selecting 'yes' stopped working for me too...but just in one project. The program appeared to start this behaviour after I had to physically go to that archive folder and open up an archived plan file to retrieve something I had inadvertently deleted in the current plan file.
  2. stephenbc

    Custom Object Field

    Ha! It absolutely does. Thanks Solver. I wondered how the "custom_fields" syntax and set up worked...and with two pictures, you've explained it. Now, at least, when I change a window or add another window, my updated window schedule won't reorder all the windows!
  3. stephenbc

    Custom Object Field

    Is it possible to put a custom object field into a label, for say a window? Can't seem to find any documentation on this. I created a custom object field, but don't understand how to get that into a label, in a way similar to simply inputting a macro in a label. Please note, that I'm rather weak on understanding the use of macros. Thanks.
  4. stephenbc

    Appliance placement

    Thanks Mark. Graham...I agree.. The purpose of putting them in an 'enclosure' is the ease of moving them around to determine best location. Once placement is determined, proper dimensioning with cabinetry will have happen.
  5. stephenbc

    Appliance placement

    I'm sure someone knows what's going on here, sadly, I don't. I dropped two appliances into a cabinet, and they look fine in plan, but are somehow placed in front of the cabinet in perspective views. An example is attached...any help is greatly appreciated. Appliance
  6. stephenbc

    Lites in Bifold Door

    Brilliant! That's got it. Thanks Glenn!
  7. stephenbc

    Lites in Bifold Door

    I can't find those specific doors in the library...can they be modified, i.e. number of lites, size, frame, etc.?
  8. stephenbc

    Lites in Bifold Door

    For large bifolds, like Nanawall, where glazing can't be higher than 7'10", the bifold doors have to have a mullion, if say the height of the unit was 8 or 9'. Using the lite option would handle this nicely.
  9. stephenbc

    Lites in Bifold Door

    Does anyone know why the 'lites' option is greyed out in the new bifold doors in x11? Not enough time to implement it?
  10. stephenbc

    Residential Drafting/Design business

    North Vancouver isn't far from that either.
  11. stephenbc

    Line Display Thickness

    Yes, you are correct, thanks. I was zoomed in so much I didn't think that a line weight of 2 should be that thick...but apparently, it is.
  12. stephenbc

    Line Display Thickness

    When one selects a line (e.g. in 2D CAD view), the line turns red to indicate edit mode for that line. Where is the control for the display thickness of that editable line?
  13. stephenbc

    Framing with Steel Posts

    Is it possible to get CA to recognize steel posts (HSS) when one frames a wall, or is this just something we have to clean up manually? Perhaps I'm missing something, but what I'm getting is framing that simply ignores the posts that I've placed.
  14. stephenbc

    Header Location

    Auto framing does a great job in placing headers as defined for each opening. But, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a way to have them placed just under the top plate and then cripple down to the opening? Currently, the auto framing places headers at the top of the rough opening and cripples up to the top plates. Manually moving these is time consuming, so thought to ask this question first. thanks.
  15. stephenbc

    Layout Box Border Layer Draw Order

    Hmmm. You may be on to something... Line masking.pdf