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  1. I too struggle with the X14 simply closing down without warning after creating sections, and viewing in perspective view. I highly suspect that it is due to legacy plans (plans created in earlier versions of the software). Learning to live with it...autosave function is helpful.
  2. Open your Wall Specification and go to your Structure tab, under Framing. Is the 'Retain Wall Framing' checked? If so, uncheck it and your framing tool will come back.
  3. I got the message today and installed the update. Was disappointed that there were not obvious graphic fixes...the crashes are getting long in the tooth.
  4. Depending on how the interior of that upper floor is framed (e.g. does it have a flat ceiling in some areas, or is it all vaulted with knee walls), perhaps make a standard floor height and use the roof planes to define the ceiling. Might need to manually modify some roof planes to get the desired pitch. Chief has some videos on how to make dormers and their connected walls (i.e. Manually Drawing Dormers (
  5. Well, I've been reporting this 'Device Removed' problem for a few months now and I'm using a GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER (Windows 10) and have been feeling no joy since upgrading to x13. I used to work in the s/w business so understand the complexities surrounding such issues. However, my productivity is falling through the floor as EVERY time I load up a camera view I get a full system crash after simply viewing and rotating the model in perspective view. There is a much deeper issue here and I suspect it is a CA issue...if I had a dime for every time there is a memory leak in software development...
  6. I find that depending on the light you use, sometimes if the 'spot' is selected and the direction of the light isn't straight down (as in the dialogue box below), light can travel through walls and even floors.
  7. Why do you want a 24" spacing? Just kidding....I confirm I get the same behaviour.
  8. I appreciate the response, Dermot. It certainly would be good to bolster the functionality of style palettes to include more objects. After all, it helps the client decide quite quickly on what they like, what works for them, and what doesn't. In this particular instance I was trying to use style palettes to show many bathroom styles and I use material regions for bathroom wall finishes, wainscoting, etc. I hear you Larry...I worked for a software company for 14 years. Being on that side of the customer/client line I know first hand of the juggling act product managers have vis a vis budget and time. There is also a huge issue when dealing with legacy code that sometimes makes the simplest of additions cause months of re-writing inherently connected routines. Good product managers are hard to come by, but they can be worth their weight in gold if they can design systems efficiently.
  9. Is there a list of all objects one can use in a style palette? I don't see the style palette option when a material region is selected in X13 beta.
  10. Other than inputting the desired wall materials in the wall definition, does anyone know of a way to get material regions on walls to join on outside corners? material corners.pdf
  11. Perhaps you could use a custom object field like 'window-ID' (in the Window Specification) and bring that up in both schedules to keep the windows locked with one common identifier in both schedules.(that's, if I understand you correctly).
  12. If you have auto roofs on, look in your roof tab of your wall specification dbx to see what each wall is set for regarding roof type/style. That should help ensure your roof maintains a shed style.
  13. It was the music that did it for me, relaxing You are bringing support videos to a new level!