Toilet Floor Mount with Flush valve ?


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Alan... search Toilet Bowl in the library, there's a bunch but without the flush valve..> BUT< there's a bajillion flush valves in the library too, so just put the two together.


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I see you must have the Kohler catalog loaded.

I've never loaded that catalog due to its size. Is there a performance penalty for loading large catalogs?


The toilet bowls I see in your post look like tank-type toilets without the tank shown. I'm sure there must be some flush valve toilets too.

I had forgotten about the Kohler catalog.

Thanks for reminding me.



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8 hours ago, Kbird1 said:


Hi Alan , maybe just a bad Pic and I didn't download the Symbol but it looks like the part of the toilet bowl under the Flush valve is corrupt /broken to me?




For now the workaround is to be sure to be wearing galoshes. B)

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