Room addition remodel: techniques for limiting material list to new work


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How is the best way to get the material list to capture only the new work part of a job?


I have modeled enough of the house to do the porch and room addition, and have a mix of as-built floors, roof planes, walls, decks, etc. on the plan.  I see the "exclude from schedule" checkbox, but I don't think that is going to do it.

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You can toggle Material List on a layer by layer basis.

This means that you can place all the new work objects on their own layers, and check Material List for those layers.

You can then uncheck Material List for all the layers that the existing works are on.

Then, when you generate a ML, it will only include the new addition objects.


It is a lot easier to do than it sounds, especially if you set up your layers before starting any drawing.

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7 hours ago, DRAWZILLA said:

you could try a material list polyline


The big problem with the material list polyline is that the objects you want to include don't always fall neatly into a polyline.

Whatever method you use will often not do exactly what you want.

ie, how to you treat an existing roof plane that gets extended - split the roof plane into two seperate roofs if you can?

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This is helpful, Glenn.  I will edit my model so as to try this out.


How do room finishes and structure come into play in this?  My model, attached here, has a simple house part, which is entirely as-built, and a room addition which is to build atop existing deck framing, plus an all-new screened porch under roof, to replace the as-built smaller one there now.  It is all (the new room and porch) at level 1, and I have not built a level 0 (which there is, as this is a walkout lower hillside house) because the log columns are all to be re-used in the new.


My purpose in all this is not so much to produce any construction docs, but to do a framing workout and produce a material list.


One of the mysteries is the deck under the porch roof.  It is built, planking and framing, and appears on level 1, but will only come through in materials when the all-project list is generated, and then the deck planking and framing is listed as on level 2.  What is that about?

McMillen Whitney.plan

Whole house view rear.jpg

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