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I have not had this happen before when building a roof. My trusses are not following the overhang that is showing as well as protruding from an attic wall where the framing is not building. It seems to have worked on the garage as you can see from the image. What am I missing?

2020-03-09 (1).png

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You should probably attach the plan also..or at least a sample plan.  This just makes solving the issue so much easier.  Thanks.

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As a guess check your baseline height on that top truss if you want it similar to garage one.

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Have you rebuilt the Trusses , if you changed the overhang etc?  it is not automatic.....


you may also need the Allow Low Roof Planes Setting to be ON so Trusses will overhang other Roof planes properly

( think this was an issue a few versions ago and we got this setting to help with this)



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I did rebuild the trusses on the home twice with not luck in them snapping to the overhang or eave outline. The garage automatically built the roof trusses correctly. The plan file size is almost 30MB - I can try to save to a zip file.

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21 minutes ago, MichaelJerome said:

Here is the file - Let me know what you can see.

Megale North Plan


I'm not a "truss expert" by any means...but, it looks like if you select "energy heel" the top chord of the truss will extend out to meet the sub-fascia.  


See attached:


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