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17 hours ago, Christina_Girerd said:

As I am creating some basic Style Palettes, I notice they end up at the main level of the User Catalog.  When we create a new Style Palette, it would be efficient to have an option in in the Style Palette Spec dbx to specify which folder the new creation ends up in so we don't have to go sort it out in the Library Browser later. 


You can always make a style palette from your user library anywhere you please and then add your symbols, rooms etc to an existing palette


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14 minutes ago, Christina_Girerd said:

I'll put in a bug report for the folder option idea. 

I would really suggest that this be presented and considered as a general library functionality enhancement and not as being tied to this specific tool.  It’s something that’s actually been requested many times and in various forms but the bottom line is that we could use this general functionality for almost anything and everything we add to the library.  

My personal thoughts would be to start with a group of default folder settings for each of the various library object types.  Any time that particular object type is added to the library, it would go

to the selected folder.  

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Yes, I briefly thought about that as a general library enhancement, but am in the middle of a project so just mentioned that one before I got distracted.  I will add a comment to expand the idea to the report I already submitted.  I might well have asked for that in the past too.


The hassle with starting a Style Palette from a folder in the library is that it only lets you add objects as you have them in your defaults, which of course you can then customize through the dbx.  Or you don't add any objects but just give it a name, then you go back in the plan, select the object(s) you want and select the Style Palette icon to "Add to Existing."  It just adds a few more steps and doesn't seem as straight forward a work-flow to me.


I've noticed that most of the Style Palettes I have created so far have been from partially non-default items that are already in one of my plans, so I need to select them specifically in the plan and then select Style Palette to create or add them to.

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On 2/12/2020 at 8:28 PM, Electromen said:

I just found this and all can say is WOW.  

I agree.  I am not good at colors and material choices.  I still use color schemes from Behr or Sherwin-Williams to "paint" for my renderings.  This is going to be an awesome tool for me even with its little quirks.  I now have the ability to quickly show a client what is possible in their dream kitchen.


Chief just released a bonus catalog of styles and very awesome.

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