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6 hours ago, Kiwideziner said:

set the brick ledge depth to 8 inches should do that.


Yes, Per F1 - Help.....


Specify the Brick Ledge Depth, which is the vertical depth of the brick ledge under walls of this type when a Brick material Type is specified for the exterior layer and a monolithic slab foundation is built. By default, the Brick Ledge Depth is equal to the Height value of the Brick material. 


The exterior Layers of the Wall Definition including the airgap are what sets the horizontal depth of the Brick ledge ( 5" in your case ).....less any foundation Offset.... eg if Brick is hung over 1/2" to form a "drip edge" . You may want to confirm your actual spec'd brick size.....



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Great question, which could easily be clarified with a little image in the Dialogue Box. 
I like that Chief is moving in this direction with floor elevation heights, they should keep it up. 
A picture is worth a thousand words, as for my comment, probably worth two cents...

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