Nvidia 441.41 Driver - possible Issue X11

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Hi, just wondering if anyone else is seeing the disappearing Icon in the Drawing Area with the latest Nvidia Driver in X11, it has happen twice today already,so I may need to go back to the 436 Series Driver which I had no issues with.


This was also an Issue with X11 back with the 388-396 Series Drivers when 382.05 was the best driver to go back too but I have not seen it since 400 Series Driver came out.





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Thanks for the reply Perry , it maybe the the Plan I was in this morning cause it as it was repeatable every time I tried to break a Wall.


No issues getting to the Toolbars etc , but the Cursor vanished in the Drawing window once I hit the Wall break Tool , which required a Reboot to clear up.


I thought 441.41 was the latest but have just discovered they released 441.66 this morning , so am going to give it a go.....





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It wasn't a Plan Issue as it was the same issue in a few plans . I am not sure if it was related to the Windows 10 Updates which also installed today or something else but with 441.66 everything seems to be fine again now. (Link Above) The was only a week between these two Drivers so I suspect something was up with 441.41 as it was replaced so quickly.



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