Are there phone apps for measuring topo?

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Anybody know of any?


My dream is to be able to go onto a lot with my phone, move to locations anywhere on the lot, and select-click to establish elevation data, corners, features such as trees and water bounds, and be able to use it to quickly generate Chief terrain.

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Gene,  I think you are asking for something like this but I am not sure the accuracy is there for anything but a quick overview of a very large piece of property.


You are more likely looking at survey quality equipment for the possibility of compatibility with Chief and anything you would want to sign your name to.


It is definitely the direction things are going but not really sure we are there yet.

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5 minutes ago, GeneDavis said:

I have Commander Compass and we'll give it a try next week.  We'll stake out a grid and use the phone to determine grade at each point.


Sounds like a good test.  Let us know how it it goes.  Do you have another method to check for accuracy ?

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