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In our office we have folders for each remodeling project, within that folder is another folder for plan files and is where all the final plans and layouts are stored. Once a project is completed that entire project folder is moved to the "Completed Project" folder.  Every time I do this, I lose all the images, specs drawings, pdf's, etc. in the layout.  I'm sure its because I have changed the file path that was originally used to import those items.  What is the best way to to move a folder containing plan and layout files to another folder without losing these imported items / images and not having to manually change / replace these items by changing the file path one by one?  See attached.



Missing files 1.JPG

Missing files 2.JPG

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In the project folder, be sure all associated files such as plan files, layout file, images, etc. that are linked to the layout are in that folder. You really don't need a folder within the project folder. 

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For plans, use File>Backup Entire Plan.

For layouts, use File>Backup Entire Project.

This will save all the externally referenced files that are needed with the plan and layout files, like images, backdrops, textures, pdf's, etc. 

During this process, Chief gives you the opportunity (not mandatory) to save all the associated files to a zip archive which can be handy for sending to others or for archiving purposes.

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for each image in the layout you can open it and click on "save in plan" 


this could/should be done during the creation of the layout


I have been requesting - nay - demanding that CA give us a default option that this save happen auto-matically


My partner and I have been bit by this PITA foible since 2005 :(


I just don't understand why CA has failed to fix this issue long - long - ago ;(



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