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1 hour ago, ChiefUserBigRob said:

I have a client who is wanting to build a post and beam style home. Can anyone suggest a starting point on designing this in chief? I'm thinking the wall commands will be quite different. I do not know the specifics yet on the wall construction.

Depending on the type of final docs you need to present, a lot of thought needs to be given to how you'll model / draft it. I'm working on a project with a fair amount of timber frame posts, beams and trusses and I can tell you that IMO P-solids are the most stable and flexible for designing the timber components, however if you need them in a schedule, you're out of luck. You'd then have to use a note schedule for that.

If you're client wants exposed timber framing, it'd be best to decide ahead of time if you want it exposed to the exterior, interior, or both. I definitely recommend keeping the posts / beams separate from your exterior walls though. Do you have a bit more info on the finished style you're considering?

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