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I was using layout to create one image from 3 images


the layout was 24" wide by 8" high - I had the three images on page 1 

I had placed some dims to divide the 24" into three panes of 8" each


I decided I needed the layout to be 24" x 12" so I changed the drawing sheet as needed

this changed my 1/4" boundary I had placed on page 0 

this keeps the prints away from the paper edge that might get cut off at OfficeMax


I usually click on the boundary and a temp dim appears so I can set it to 1/4"

nope, not happening

I try various things - but no joy - no temp dims at the boundary lines edges


back to page 1 I delete all the lines defining the panes

and now I can get my temp dims on page 0


Is there a way to use temp dims once some dims have been placed ?

if not, I will make a suggestion to remove this roadblock


the attached layout is done in X9




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As far as I know Lew it has been that way for many versions ( forever?), and a number of people have asked that Temp. Dims are always active regardless of automatic or manual Dims already having been placed but there has been no feedback as far as I am aware as to why this does not seem to be able to be enabled , it's something I'd prefer myself..



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Lew, is this what you need ?   I did not delete your dimensions on page 1.


It is definitely a little crotchety and you can't just get it to show up anywhere you click. Also needed to zoom in a little more that would normally be necessary.    I find a lot of things in Chief are zoom dependent and will not work at zoom levels I find comfortable.


Also you might find it easier to use the Sheet Drawing Margins for that purpose.


Temp Dimensions for Lew.JPG

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I did zoom in - quite a bit - but maybe not enough ???


anyways I gave up and deleted the dims on page 1 as I didn't need them anymore


I'll check out using the margins settings


I'll make a suggestion that this roadblock be removed as it is a PITA

and is totally unnecessary



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