Adding 4 x 4's to Railing walls


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You would need to just fill in with p-solids or you could configure the existing rails and balusters into a panel with the upper 4x4's and it should do it automatically for you.


Post your plan or existing railing wall and I will give it a try for you.


Also would need to know the height of the 4x4's.

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10 hours ago, Chopsaw said:

Rashid,  Take a look at your revised plan file and see if it is going to work for you. Also please update your signature to X11


How are you needing to control the post spacing ?  Do you want to set a maximum or control individually at random places?

5935 Olde Atlanta Pkwy Chopped.plan


Panels can be quite powerful.. thanks. 


The spacing question doesn't apply to this Job but have in the past used a different spacing sequence...

7-25-2019 9-22-17 AM.jpg

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30 minutes ago, Dermot said:

use wall breaks. 


This method seems to have some drawbacks.


You need to make every other wall segment different -- different wall type or reverse the layers so they do not automatically rejoin, there is a limitation in the corner -- 7" seems to be as close as you can go, and you get extra lines (and extra framing) in some views.


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