Automatic Rebuild Foundation generating walls under cantilever


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Is there a room dialog to prevent this from happening? Ideally I want to make the cantilever a "cantilever" room and have it not generate walls under the cantilever with auto rebuild foundation walls on. Unless there is an easier way? Copying the balcony room settings ends up generating walls like the attached picture, still generating walls under cantilever. Feel like I'm missing something very simple.1483202024_2019-04-3011_27_55-Window.thumb.png.debddf4e5db047d8afa8cfd240a454e4.png

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What about using the "Box Window" tool and raising the floor by 1/16" of an inch? 


That is a quick fix, but the problem with the Box Window is that it still incorporates living area and you can't split the room. Too little control overall. Also makes it more difficult to put a lower roof on the cantilever. Thanks for the suggestion though!


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2 hours ago, CRHDesign said:

Copying the balcony room settings ends up generating walls like the attached picture, still generating walls under cantilever


This can work but the balcony needs to be drawn on level 2 and pulled down in elevation and the Room Floor height reset to match level 1 or whatever height  eg 18" for a window seat.  it doesn't work if you have the balconcy on level 1 as you noticed. It's not perfect but may get you by depending on Views....Below I added a 2nd level 1 1/2" high and pulled the walls down as needed.







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On 4/30/2019 at 4:14 PM, Greg_NY61 said:

I do the floor and do the foundation, uncheck <automatically rebuilt foundation> then cut the part of the wall that needs to be cantilevered and pull the wall pass foundation.





Yeah, that is how I'm currently doing it, and it seems to be the most efficient way. I just assumed there must be a way to mark it as a cantilever and not have the auto-foundation fill it in but I couldn't find anything.

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