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Not enough data from you to be sure. I would guess that you created the terrain plane on another floor than the one in the posted image? (I do not see a Terrain Plane in the image you posted, so it is on another floor or its layer is turned off.


Your best resource for things mysterious to you is your Reference Manual (found under the "Help" menu - All possible answers are to be found there)



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You can turn off Auto Rebuild Terrain in the 3D View Defaults dialog for 3D views and in the Sun Angle Specification dialog for sun shadows, and rebuild the terrain manually only when needed by selecting Terrain> Build Terrain . When Auto Rebuild Terrain is turned off and the terrain is not up to date, the Rebuild Terrain  icon displays near your mouse pointer. See 3D View Defaults Dialog and Earth Data Panel.


Hover over the Tool in question and press F1

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30 minutes ago, bradsawler said:

I tried using the build terrain feature for the first time and now this icon is attached to my cross hairs. The create terrain perimeter function is grayed out and I cannot click it. Any ideas?





It's telling you the Terrain is not Upto Date , so I assume you haven't got it set to Auto Rebuild?   have a look on the the Terrain Menu, you will see the same Icon....





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