Cantilevered Floor


Recommended Posts do you get a "finish" material to appear on the underside of a cantilevered floor?  Does it require creating a "room" with invisible walls on the floor below?  This works...but, it creates other problems...especially if you are trying to create a "porch" room at a door opening.  My solution was to use a Molding Polyline and create a soffit and trim board...but, is this the only simple solution?  Just wondering what others have done to accomplish this task...





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1 minute ago, solver said:


Thanks Eric...


So, the best solution is to create a "room" below the cantilever and then go to the materials tab and assign the specific material. 

However, you have to specify the "thickness" and the number of "layers" of the ceiling in the "ceiling finish" DBX on the room "structure" tab.


Thanks again...I wasn't thinking about the "materials" tab. 

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54 minutes ago, solver said:

The room highlighted is the 2nd floor - the one creating the cantilever.


No need for an extra room.


That works fine for defining a material...but the material has "0" thickness.  It's not realistic and nothing appears in the section. And if you have a "porch room" (as shown in pic below)...and it has a defined ceiling material/thickness...if you delete this ceiling you end up with nothing.  The room above does not fill in the material.  


I really think the only way to do this is with invisible rooms on the floor below the cantilever...


2019-04-06_12-05-44.thumb.png.5ad637e9f3f8360dc2fdfdae814c3318.png   2019-04-06_12-06-11.thumb.png.32eae1ee5036d7c7f88ced3304889cde.png

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11 minutes ago, solver said:

I created a room above the cantilever so I could change the floor structure adding a layer on the bottom.



that works...if you have a bath or bedroom above it would have to be an invisible wall...but, still...that's a great idea.  


Thanks Eric!

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You do need to set the cantilever to Opening No Material.


I once suggested a Floor Structure Region, much like the Floor Material Region that would do away with needing to use walls to define a room to define the floor structure. 



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16 minutes ago, DRAWZILLA said:

You could always just use a p-solid also. Sometimes the floor underside just doesn't show well in 3d views. It really needs a thickness in the DBX.


Yep I agree , it should be Auto adding the Soffit Material at least as a start , with an Option to change the material and thickness.



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