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Any window opening in a masonry wall usually requires an angle iron lintel.  That seems to be a problem for CA.  Although there is a lintel option for windows, you have to do the lintel manually or create a profile for it.  The lintel doesn't show up correctly in the window schedule if it is an angle, i.e. 3 1/2 x 4 x 1/4 LLV (long leg vertical.)


Does anyone have a workaround?

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Sorry no help it sounds like a good feature suggestion as  brick just don’t float on there own 

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2 hours ago, Doug_N said:

Any window opening in a masonry wall usually requires an angle iron lintel.  That seems to be a problem for CA


The Lintel Option in CA is not really for what we think of as (structural) Lintels over Doors and Windows , all it really does is let us use a different size casing on the Top vs the sides and Butt joint them instead of Mitering the Corners. YOu can't even set it up for say a 8"x8" Concrete Lintel (similar to a Soldier Course) over an Opening.


The is an L Angle in the Bonus Beam Catalog but they do not report to any Schedule Either as they are really Geometric shapes I found out recently.


When you use a brick or other masonry type wall the Overhang gets cut off , so no much use as a Structure Lintel to even fake it....


You can add a Comment to the Window's Object Information Panel in a Custom Lintel Field ( with Width macro) so it is added to the Materials List Under Masonry as seen

below , but you could add it to any Category, I just chose Masonry as the Mason would Supply it.



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