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Anyone know how to change an items default layer so the item will show properly in the schedules?

I have a hood that's a cabinet coming in under fixtures I've manually gone in the the item properties and selected cabinet wall layer and it's still not working.  

Also towel bars are showing on the default hardware layer and won't show up on the fixtures schedule same thing went in and selected the layer I want it on and it's not working.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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If you group select the object and the create an "Architectural Block" (use the Red Box on the Edit toolbar) you can open the dbx and specify to "Treat as One Object" and specify what type so that it will appear in the correct Schedule.


This is a special way of making a Cabinet, Fixture, etc be recognized the way you want it to.  IOW:

  • Your Hood Symbol which was created as a "Fixture" can become a "Cabinet" and show in the Cabinet Schedule
  • Your Towel Bars which were created as "Hardware" can become "Fixtures" and show in the Fixture Schedule
  • etc.

The other option is to place one of these items in a blank plan, display in 3D and use the "Convert to Symbol" tool to redefine it as the type you want it to be.


Either method works - but I often find the "Architectural Block" is quicker and works just fine.  IAE, you should add it to your User Library for future use.

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I stopped using arch blocks and use the convert to symbol method nowadays.

a-the dimensions will read correctly in the scheduler regardless of orientation in plan-arch blocks don't the dimendsions orient to the Cartesian coordinates instead of the object.

b-easier to resize  and/or change stretch plains-don't have to tab into the object, if altering stretch planes easier to have multiples (like hoods, pendant lights...)

c-I don't like having to remember to rename arch blocks

and yes add to library

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