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6 hours ago, rlackore said:

Why not just select the adjacent board and copy it over one space?



You can also draw a Room divider along the edge of the Plank on the right of the gap ( turn planks on in Plan View) and turn off automatic plank direction (should equal 0°) and it should auto heal itself , though you may need to re-frame the deck if it isn't set to Automatic to regenerate the planks......


Send it in please as something is up , a cross section shows the planks not reaching the house on one side and extending through the rim joist by 3 inches on the other...



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Thanks Mick - I will give that a try too.


On another note - While creating a second concept - Using the orig. Entry plan and just renaming it - I created a slightly different deck and now (2) planks are missing !


If you look closely under the Bar Stools - It looks like a second deck is try to be created.


Keeping auto build on - And ALL ON LAYER SET - I selectively deleted almost everything (Walls, Sinks, Cabinets etc) and nothing seems to be causing this unique issue. 



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The 2nd issue dos not present in X10 but the boards are running in the opposite direct , if I change the direction the door to the Porch changes back to the default brown one too.


However I also noticed in the View that the Porch Floor is the same as the Decks so I think CA is getting confused on where the room boundaries are and what to run in what direction somehow.


*** Your Siding 6 wall type has been changed and has Siding over the Drywall side of the Wall too which maybe the cause of the confusions as CA usually expects Drywall on the interior side of the Wall. So try making a new Siding 6-2 wall with no Drywall and see if that helps.



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