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When using a door schedule, specifically a separate schedule for interior and exterior doors, is there a way to tell an interior door to be an exterior door and vice versa? Example: a door between a finished garage and an entry serving that garage. Right now, it relies on the room types and the door between these two rooms shows as an exterior door, when I'd like it to be an interior door.

I'll probably have to change my garage room type to an interior room type...

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My description of my labelling issue doesn't tell the whole story. The mentioned entrance is an entrance from the garage only to the the exterior only. It's essentially part of the garage, just a separate room of the garage, and so only an interior door is needed. The actual make and model of door is really not that important as the client will select it at a later date. For my purposes, I don't want it in the exterior door schedule.

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The program determines if the wall is an exterior wall or an interior wall.  Garages are strangely considered Exterior Rooms in Chief, so any Garage Wall is classified as Exterior.  But any wall separating 2 Garages is considered as an Interior Wall.


That's what determines if the door is exterior or interior. 

Basically, it's about weather exposure & fire rating - nothing else.


IAE, you can specify whatever door type, style, thickness, description, etc.

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